Add@Me Trivial Quiz Game Instructions

Master your skills and find out how much you know about people with disabilities!

Welcome to the world of people with disabilities. We invite you to go through an interesting trivial game where you will be able to test yourself. Easy and nice, a game is addressed to you even if you think you know nothing about people with disabilities. Simply enter the platform and go for it, the chance is yours!

About the game

This is a trivial game based on quizzes. It is addressed to anyone able to read and click. Your task is to select proper answers but don't be afraid. If you lose a game, you will have another chance until you get a badge. The more you have, the more professional you are!

If you start playing a game, you may choose one of six categories. Then you'll get 10 random multiple choice questions. Remember only one answer is correct so beware and make the right decision. Once you go through the set of questions, you will see results and if your score is five or above, you will get a badge. Try collecting as many badges as you can and compete with others!

How to become a player

No matter when you find out about the game, you've been given a chance worth a badge. Simply go to and follow the instructions. You shouldn't have any problems as we believe you're a smart tech user but some information might be of high importance to you. So once you've entered the web site, create your own account and click on the activation link delivered to your mailbox. You can also log in by your Facebook or Google account instead of creating a new account. Once your account is active, you can start playing to be the disability knowledge champion. Simply choose one of six categories, mark your answers and check whether you are a master. If something went wrong, don't give up, another chance is given to you. You can play as many times as you want and your scores are registered.

For whom is that Game?

It's for you and your peers. You may play alone but you may also make a team and one of you does the quizzes with your valuable support. You may spend your free time having fun and learning at the same time but if you are a teacher encourage your students to play. Anyone is welcome to become the disability champion in all categories. Have a try, have fun and learn about people with disabilities who are a part of the society and whom you may meet one day!

Summing up

This game is very useful either in entertainment or in education. It can check your knowledge or be simply a kind of relaxing activity. You can play alone, with friends but also you can also use it at workshops about disabilities as a warm-up, a break between the sessions or at the end to check the knowledge acquired during the workshop.

The participants can play on their own accounts but you can share them into small groups. Each group chooses one person who will mark the answers the group decides to.

To play, you only need account, some time, minimum 20 minutes, willingness and a smartphone or a computer. The participants can check their knowledge, compete and experience a team work. The game can be also very useful at school while lessons and workshops about disabilities, tolerance and discrimination, or another lessons (music, art, PE).

How to start playing?

You need an account. To create it, follow the next steps:

  • Click here to register on the platform
  • Fill all the edit fields on a website (login, password, name, surname, town), then select a country and click the button "Create a new account". 
  • You will get an e-mail with an activation link. Click the link and login.
Before you start playing you can make some changes on your profile first (put a profile photo, an audio or video file, write more about yourself). You can set preferences in the menu. If you want already start playing choose one of the quizzes on the list under the heading "Quizzes". To join the quiz you don't need any key - just click the button under the introduction to the quiz. To play, click the button "Attempt quiz". You'll have to answer the questions. Select one of the three buttons with the right answer. Then click button "Next" to go to the next question.

After answering ten questions you'll finish the test, except for the quiz Master of Diversity which has twelve questions. After finishing the test you can check your answers again and go back to the test to improve it or save your answers. Then you get a feedback - you will now how many right answers you have and which are wrong. You can attempt a test again but the questions are randomised and they won't be the same. 

Have fun and good luck!

Some practical suggestions, how to use this game during the workshops or lessons?

There are six categories to choose (plus the bonus category, which is a mix of all of them): 

  1. Disability knowledge
  2. Braille code
  3. Sports
  4. Art & Music
  5. History
  6. Assistive Technologies

They can be used as an awareness raising activity or tests checking knowledge and making the lesson or workshop interesting.

You can use quizzes at the end of the lesson to check students’ knowledge and attention. During the workshop the game will be also a good tool to check if the participants were listening carefully or as a break between the parts of a workshop.

You can use for it the time from approx. 20 minutes till 1 hour or even more – depending on your needs and possibilities.

For one workshop, you can explore the questions from one category or you can use some or even all of them, depending on what suits your current thematic needs or available time limit, etc.

There is also available a special trivial quiz, namely "Master of Diversity, which includes 12 random questions, 2 per each category mentioned above. If you pass that quiz you (or your team) will be awarded with “Master of Diversity” badge!

Depending on your group size, you can divide the participants into teams (the number of participants in one group can vary, starting from two people).

You can use it to make a competition between the groups – it will make the game more alive and interesting.

Each team should play on one device, with one e-mail account.

Follow the links below to start playing now!